The Importance of Clean Hotel Carpets for Allergy Prevention

While some have seasonal allergies, many people suffer from allergies year-round. For those who have allergies all year long, it’s critical to take steps to prevent them. Cleanliness is a must to cut down on allergens in and around the home, office and other areas. If you travel often for work or pleasure hotels can do a number on your allergies. One of the biggest factors in affecting allergens is carpet, specifically hotel carpets.

Carpets hold onto everything from pet dander and dust to mold and other air pollutants that are almost impossible to see. Often times, hotels are worse because they have so many visitors who come from different regions of the world. You might be exposed to a new type of allergen this way since our shoes come into contact with grass, leaves, flowers, and many other things that trigger allergy symptoms.

There are a few ways that carpets can be cleaned to help reduce allergens that are trapped in the fibers to keep allergy symptoms to a minimum. Of course, each method has its own benefit and they vary in the level of effectiveness.

• Vacuuming
• Shampooing
• Steam Cleaning

Out of the list above, steam cleaning is likely the best and most effective method when it comes to aiding in allergies. On average, people vacuum their homes one to two times per week but hotels vacuum daily. They must vacuum more frequently to keep the rooms tidy for guests. Unfortunately, vacuuming is the most ineffective method and sometimes make matters worse.

Carpets trap air particles into the fibers, preventing them from becoming airborne, locking them there until they are removed by cleaning. This is why carpet is the most detrimental to allergy sufferers. Hotel carpets are a hotbed for those who suffer from even the least threatening type of allergies.

Hotels very seldom shampoo or steam clean carpets because it’s costly. Since most hotels have to hire a company to come in and clean them, it’s very costly, but there’s one more problem: guests. Hotels generally have guests occupying the rooms, making it difficult to get into them to get them cleaned.

This is why you must carefully consider which hotels to stay in when traveling abroad. It’s important to find a clean hotel, but it’s even more important to find one that takes measures to accommodate those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other similar conditions. In certain areas, it may be impossible to find these hidden gems but you can do one more thing to protect yourself.

Look for hotels that are brand new or have recently been renovated. Many times when a hotel has undergone renovations, they will install fresh, clean carpets for guests to enjoy. This will help keep you from sneezing, coughing and having watery eyes when compared to hotels that have old, drab, dirty carpets that can set off your symptoms within minutes of walking through the door of your room. If you are staying in a hotel that has a musty smell and could use a good carpet cleaning, contact a company like Dan Dan the Carpet Man.

How Guest Experience Influences the Hotel Revenue?

Guest Experience Influences the Hotel

The hospitality industry is a broad area. The business owner should focus less regarding the industry and more about hospitality. The hotel atmosphere encompasses generous and friendly reception and satisfaction of strangers, visitors or guests. If you are a hotel owner, you should not focus only on money. You have to ensure to serve the guest in the best manner. It is not just arranging rooms for them or receiving the guests. It is one step more than that.

The hospitality industry plays an important role in making the guests feel comfortable and welcoming the guests anytime. It is also an industry where you can make money, but you have to do some hard work.

Improve guest experience

When a guest visits your hotel, you have to treat them as a unique and valuable customer. Some executives will show importance to one customer and leave the other. No matter the economy is bottoming or booming out, the hotel industry is highly competitive in the present scenario. It is necessary to show importance to each and every guest. It means an increase in the number of amenities and guest rooms too.


Whether you are displaying the menu or guest room, take a reservation or dinner order, each and every small task you do is important for pleasing the guests. In the lodging industry, the intricate details like hotel supplies and more matter equally. You have to depend on numerous people for performing several tasks, and thus, they help to finish the task to please the guests or make the entire system function properly. It will be the ultimate goal of the general manager of the hotel.

The employees working in the hotel should be dedicated to provide improved customer experience. They have to offer services exceeding the expectation of the customers. When people arrive at your lodge, they will expect to receive some level of hospitality or welcome. They have to be welcomed well and the tariffs should be explained in a clear manner. People visiting your hotel will notice small and minute details. Ensure to maintain a bright, calm and friendly environment. There are should be sufficient green plants and flowering around your venture. It will give the customers a good impression of your hotel. There should be bellman’s cart at the doorstep for moving the customer’s luggage. The elevator should be maintained in a clean manner. These factors influence the occupancy rates in a great way.

When the guest is given the room, they have to be provided with necessary supplies like water, toothpaste, soap, and others.

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