How Guest Experience Influences the Hotel Revenue?

Guest Experience Influences the Hotel

The hospitality industry is a broad area. The business owner should focus less regarding the industry and more about hospitality. The hotel atmosphere encompasses generous and friendly reception and satisfaction of strangers, visitors or guests. If you are a hotel owner, you should not focus only on money. You have to ensure to serve the guest in the best manner. It is not just arranging rooms for them or receiving the guests. It is one step more than that.

The hospitality industry plays an important role in making the guests feel comfortable and welcoming the guests anytime. It is also an industry where you can make money, but you have to do some hard work.

Improve guest experience

When a guest visits your hotel, you have to treat them as a unique and valuable customer. Some executives will show importance to one customer and leave the other. No matter the economy is bottoming or booming out, the hotel industry is highly competitive in the present scenario. It is necessary to show importance to each and every guest. It means an increase in the number of amenities and guest rooms too.


Whether you are displaying the menu or guest room, take a reservation or dinner order, each and every small task you do is important for pleasing the guests. In the lodging industry, the intricate details like hotel supplies and more matter equally. You have to depend on numerous people for performing several tasks, and thus, they help to finish the task to please the guests or make the entire system function properly. It will be the ultimate goal of the general manager of the hotel.

The employees working in the hotel should be dedicated to provide improved customer experience. They have to offer services exceeding the expectation of the customers. When people arrive at your lodge, they will expect to receive some level of hospitality or welcome. They have to be welcomed well and the tariffs should be explained in a clear manner. People visiting your hotel will notice small and minute details. Ensure to maintain a bright, calm and friendly environment. There are should be sufficient green plants and flowering around your venture. It will give the customers a good impression of your hotel. There should be bellman’s cart at the doorstep for moving the customer’s luggage. The elevator should be maintained in a clean manner. These factors influence the occupancy rates in a great way.

When the guest is given the room, they have to be provided with necessary supplies like water, toothpaste, soap, and others.

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How to Improve the Online Reputation of the Hotel?

Improve the Online Reputation of the Hotel

Nowadays, most people book hotels through the internet. The internet plays an important role in the hotel industry. If you are running a hotel, you need to develop an SEO friendly website for your hotel business. It helps to attract and bring customers from various parts of the world. The internet marketing is a complex process. It is the next step of website design and development. It helps your hotel to appear in the search engine when a customer or visitor searches for the hotel in your locality.

Most visitors read the reviews and then book a hotel. When you get even one negative review, it will totally affect the overall booking. It will directly affect the positive impact you have these days. If you are finding a decrease in bookings or witnessing a plateau, you have to sit back and think some latest strategies that will work out for your hotel business. It is not hard to integrate the latest strategies.

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Social media: The social media is playing a great role in the present scenario. Nowadays, millions of travelers share their experiences and review a hotel in their social media page. When you maintain a social media account, you have to update about the latest offers, holiday destinations, and seasonal discounts. The customer will get to know about your hotel and the features you offer.

It is important to engage with customers on an active note. Some people will launch a social media page but do not maintain time to time. They will just leave the page just like they started. It negative influences your reputation and brand. It is significant to connect with your clients on the social media page. It is possible only when you stay active or online.

Reviews and TripAdvisor: The reviews and testimonials displayed on your website influence the customer to book their stay at your hotel. Ensure to post real time and positive reviews. If you have the contact number and picture of the satisfied customer, ensure to add these details along with the review. It will help the potential customer to verify and select your hotel. Nowadays, people are also checking the TripAdvisor review. It is important to maintain it in an appropriate manner. If a customer shares good comments or bad comments, you have to ensure to reply to them and serve their needs.

Distribution channels: The online travel agencies maintain an excellent relationship with the hoteliers. It is necessary to connect with few travel agencies for better reach.

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